ACADIA 2020 will be hosted by the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design in Philadelphia, PA. The event will consist of workshops October 26-28, followed by the main conference October 29-31, 2020

The conference theme, Hybrids & Haecceities, asks how technology enables, reflects, and challenges established disciplinary boundaries and design practices. Haecceitiesdescribes the discrete qualities or properties of objects that define them as unique, while Hybrids are entities with characteristics enhanced by the process of combining two or more elements with different properties. 

Hybrids & Haecceities aligns with a fundamental shift away from abstract generalized models of design and production towards custom or bespoke design now possible at an unprecedented scale due to Industry 4.0. However, Industry 4.0 also risks unparalleled levels of consumption with profound social, political, economic and environmental impact. Hence, this conference encourages papers exploring modes of research and practice that enable embodied and situated means of engaging with technology, society, culture, and the material world. 

ACADIA 2020 invites contributions on how Hybrids & Haecceities poses new ideas and approaches to architectural design, practice and theory viewed through the following topics: 

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Performative Design: Structural and Material Synthesis
  • Responsive Systems and Environments
  • Smart Cities and Technology in the Public Realm
  • Energy Modeling, Simulation, and Prototyping
  • Virtual and Augmented Environments
  • Autonomous Systems: Robot Platforms and Multi-Modal Sensing
  • Robotic Fabrication & Integrated Design
  • Advanced Materials and Production Methods
  • New Ecologies and Bio-Tech Design
  • Aesthetics, Art and Technology
  • Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Analysis of Architectural Design and Production
  • Disruptive Modes of Practice 

Works may be submitted in one of the following categories:
1. Full Papers (4,000 words)
2. Work-In-Progress Papers (2,000 words)
3. Projects for Exhibition 

Accepted works will be included in one of the following:

  • Accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings: Full Paper Presentations (full sessions with Q&A), Work-In-Progress Paper Sessions (shorter sessions with Q&A)
  • Accepted projects will be included in the Project Exhibition and the Exhibition Catalog 

PAPER TEMPLATES: Submission link and template info forthcoming -- please check the conference website for updates. 

STUDENT TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: ACADIA wants to make sure the best and the brightest students will attend ACADIA 2020! ACADIA Student and Recent Graduate Scholarships will be available to students with financial need accepted in the 'Full Papers, Work-In Progress, and Projects' categories. Application details will be available upon acceptance. 


  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE for Full Papers and Work-In Progress for Blind Peer-Review: May 1, 2020
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE for Projects for Blind Peer-Review: May 1, 2020 

The call for papers/projects and submission guidelines are available on the conference website. The conference chairs look forward to receiving your submissions!