Organised by Daren Industry Group Hong Kong Research Center

Complexity makes the attractiveness of cities, while the attractiveness is not only from diverse functions, people and story mingled in certain place, but also the constantly changing of needs over time. Designers is a group who have a sharp eye of these ‘changes’. In the processes of global Urban Micro Regeneration, many cases which turned dust into glory, converted ordinary into extraordinary, fulfilled the new needs and made new life experience are brought by designers from various fields. 

In city Kunming (Capital of Yunnan Province, China), there is an evacuation passageway which is  8m in height 8m in width totally 300m in length, connecting several sunken entrance plazas  of a big underground shopping mall. This evacuation passageway, giant in volume, center of this site, should be functioned more than just an 'evacuation tube'. We look forward to innovative ideas which can make this passageway an attractive place, and moreover, part of daily life of the communities nearby and the whole city.

How will you renovate this space? Could it be a museum, a place with pop up store or a workshop center with innovation programs? Designers and students from fields of architecture, interior design, interaction design, service design, art etc are welcome to this conceptual competition, surprising the city with exciting ideas!We are expecting your creative views and ambitious plan!

Candidates may respond from perspectives of spacial design, interaction design, service design etc (or mix of them), and choose the whole or part of the passageway as site for your proposal.