New Delhi, Oct 10 (PTI) Modernisation of India is dependent on modernisation of its water management, President Ram Nath Kovind said today as he pitched for "localised" water management approach to empower villages.

Noting that water was fundamental to "economy, ecology and human equity", he said the issue was becoming more critical in view of climate change and related environmental concerns.

"I would urge a water management approach that is localised. It should empower village and neighbourhood communities and build their capacity to manage, allocate and value their water resources," Kovind said while addressing the 5th India Water Week-2017 here.

Noting that any 21st century water policy must factor in the "concept of value of water", he said it must encourage all stakeholders, including communities, to expand their minds and to "graduate from allocating a quantum of water to allocating a quantum of benefits".

In India, he said water was central to some of the government's flagship programmes.

"I would go to the extent of saying that the modernisation of India is dependent on the modernisation of its water management," he said, adding it was not surprising as the country supported 17 per cent of the global population but only had four per cent of the world's water resources.