Ram Rahman will guide the participants on an architectural tour around the Mandi House area, which is a treasure trove of buildings by some of the most important architects who built in Delhi in the first decades after independence. Starting outside the British Council building on Kasturba Gandhi Marg (formerly Curzon Road), He will lead the walk showcasing the development of modern architecture and its changing aspirations in the first three decades after independence. These were the days of euphoria and the modernist architecture built in Delhi is some of the finest and most interesting anywhere. The city boasts one of the largest collection of such buildings anywhere in the world. This is the first walk highlighting this period and will feature work by Charles Correa, Habib Rahman, Raj Rewal, Joseph Allen Stein, Achyut Kanvinde, Shivnath Prasad. He will also include the private and government housing around Bengali market, to place the building of the period in its historical context. Having known all of the architects personally, Rahman's walk will be a personal one too.


Ram Rahman is an Indian photographer, curator and social activist. His photographs capture the neglected sections of the Indian society. His keen eye for details combines with his deep rooted social awareness to create lasting images of intense humanism. His work in graphic design and architecture photography are also noteworthy. He is known for his involvement in Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) organization that strives against communal and sectarian powers.