09:30 Welcoming Speech: Herbert Karner | Vienna

10:00 Introduction: Maximilian Hartmuth | Vienna
Which Public, and Whose Aesthetics? Ruminations on the Architectural Design Logics of Public Buildings in Core and Peripheral Areas of the Late Habsburg Realm


10:30 Anna Mader-Kratky | Vienna
The Administration for Public Buildings during the sole reign of Joseph II

11:00 Raluca Mureşan | Paris
Transforming Churches into Theaters in Buda (Ofen) and Lviv (Lwów / Lemberg): “Economy” vs. “Character” in Josephist Architectural Policy

12:00 Richard Kurdiovsky | Vienna
From “Hofbaurat” to “Ministerium für öffentliche Arbeiten”: Habsburg’s Agencies for Construction Measures between Realizing and Testing

12:30 Wolfgang Göderle | Graz
The Birth of the Central State? An Overview on the Material Dimension of Habsburg Central Europe after 1848

13:00 Harald R. Stühlinger | Basel
“The work of art becomes the matter of the people”: Ideas, Negotiations, and Laws about Competitions and Their Influence on the Quality of Architecture in the Aftermath of the Revolution of 1848


15:00 Julia Rüdiger | Vienna and Linz
The Aesthetics of Architecture for Higher Education

15:30 Miroslav Malinović | Banja Luka
The Diversity of Austro-Hungarian Implantations in Banja Luka, 1878–1918: The Architecture of Public Schools

16:00 Matthew Rampley | Brno
Crematoria: Symbols of Modernity and Modernism17:30 Visit to Vienna’s “Neues Rathaus”



09:30 Marcus van der Meulen | Aachen
The Appearance of Public Buildings in Congress-Poland and Warsaw, 1815–1831

10:00 Guido Vittorio Zucconi | Venice
Between Palladio and the Middle Ages: The Search for Identity in the Public Buildings of Northern Italy

10:30 Dragan Damjanović | Zagreb
Public Architecture in Austro-Hungarian Croatia: Fragmented Territory and Politics of Architectural Design


11:30 Magdalena Markowska | Wrocław
Emblems of “Civic Pride”? Town Halls in Silesia in the Nineteenth Century

12:00 Jindřich Vybíral | Prague
Franz Count Thun vs. the “dummer Eselsbau”: Fighting for Maintaining the City Hall of Prague’s Old Town, 1838–1858

12:30 Frank Rochow | Halle a. d. Saale
Negotiating Aesthetics: The House of Invalids in Lviv (Lwów / Lemberg) between European Style and Local Adaptions

14:30 Caroline Jäger-Klein and Ajla Bajramović | Vienna
From Ottoman “Konak” to Austro-Hungarian “Amtshaus”: The Building History of the District and Province Administration Structure of Travnik in Central-Bosnia

15:00 Andrea Baotić-Rustanbegović | Munich
“Competing Visions”: The Case of the Unrealized Project for the Parliament Building in Sarajevo, 1910–1914

15:30 Summary and Final Discussion

ORGANIZED BY: Research Project ERC 758099, Department of Art History, University of Vienna and Research Unit History of Art, Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences

CONCEPT BY: Maximilian Hartmuth, Richard Kurdiovsky, Julia Rüdiger and Werner Telesko

Please register your participation by February 10, 2020 with: Ajla Bajramovic, Department of Art History, University of Vienna
E-Mail: [email protected]