"These walls have voices"

This Campus is a valued Place. A valued work of Architecture. Of value not just for those who have lived, studied and worked here, but of value to all those who have experienced, known and cherished its sense of place. 

This is a place of Universal Value.

These are voices that attest, assert this universal value.

The CEPT campus has been a place of joyful learning. The character of the campus has been such as to effortlessly allow and support all kinds of activities, events, learning places and places of socialisation. The campus largely designed by Balkrishna Doshi is without doubt one of the most important works of post-independence architecture in India. Many of you may have spent some time in this place and enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and sharing. Others may be familiar with publications that present this campus.

New facilities to cater to an expanding student community are being rapidly added.

The architecture of the already completed new buildings, and the architecture and siting of the proposed new Academic Centre, affect the campus negatively and will change irrevocably the nature of interactions as well as the architectural values that make the place special.

On the 27th of September, 2017, architect Christopher Benninger presented CCBA’s design proposal for the new ‘Academic Hub’ in the North-West corner of the CEPT Campus. Since then, many alumni, students, architects, concerned individuals and Institutions in India and abroad have voiced their concerns in various ways. 

There is widespread alarm and attention on the campus from all whom have known and experienced this earthly and ethereal place. The intention of this website is to provide a platform where views on the new proposals at CEPT can be aired, and this collection of views can stand as testimony to common concern across varying opinion.