Norman Foster has backed plans to hold an architectural competition for a new House of Lords chamber outside London

The government is considering moving the House of Lords outside London – potentially to York – as one of a range of options to “reconnect” politics with the public, the Conservative party chairman, James Cleverly, has confirmed.

Asked about the plan, which was reported in the Sunday Times, Cleverly said: “It’s one of a range of things that we are looking into.

“It’s about demonstrating to people that we are going to do things differently. The Labour party lost millions of voters because they failed to listen.”

The crumbling Palace of Westminster is due to be vacated for several years from 2025, under plans for restoring the historic buildings by the Thames.

Shifting the Lords to northern England during that period, and potentially permanently, would be a symbol of Boris Johnson’s determination to “level up” the rest of the UK with the capital. The decision is expected to be made as part of a constitutional review, to be launched in the coming weeks.1

In his letter, Foster wrote: "If we are to build a new House of Lords, we must set our sights every bit as high and produce work that represents the very best that our age can offer. An architectural competition, backed by a clear brief, would be the place to start."