Why is it such a challenge for architecture to gain visibility in the cultural section of news media? What presence does it have in other sections as politics and economy?

How significant is the role of the media in making architecture understood and appreciated by broader audiences?

What makes a case of success in the collaboration between institutions and the media in the diffusion of architecture?

The second edition of Architecture & the Media, together with general topics, will focus on television, radio and audio-visual media and will deepen the crosscutting subject of architectural images.

In these times when we are experiencing an extraordinary situation that limits travel and the possibility of holding events together, we still want to keep alive the debate on the dissemination of architecture in the media. For this reason, this year the venue of the event moves from the inspiring Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona to the YouTube channel of Fundació Mies van der Rohe.

The online edition of the event will take place during the Barcelona Architecture Week 2020.


European Conference on Architecture & the Media 2020 – online edition

Time Zone Barcelona (CEST)

Youtube – Fundació Mies van der Rohe

May 11th – 14th:
1 Opening Conversation
8 Talks
2 Roundtables
1 Workshop
1 Closing Conversation

May 11th:

17:00–18:00h LIVE 
Opening conversation with Oliver Wainwright (The Guardian’s architecture and design critic, UK).

Introduced and moderated by Ștefan Ghenciulescu (Architect and editor-in-chief of the Zeppelin architecture magazine, Bucharest).

May 12th:

10:00 -11:00h
Presentation talks by the roundtable speakers on Television, thematic channels and online video platforms:

– Marco Brizzi  (The Architecture Player platform, Florence)
– Núria Moliner (“Escala Humana”, RTVE, Madrid)
– Carolina Rosich (TV3, Barcelona)
– Adam Goss and RedMike (Spirit of Space, Milwaukee)

17:00–17:40h LIVE 
Roundtable with the participation of Marco Brizzi, Núria Moliner, Carolina Rosich and Adam Goss & RedMike.
Moderated by Núria Moliner.

May 13th
10:00 -11:00h
Presentation talks by the roundtable speakers on Radio, podcasts channels and new trends:

– Josep Lluís Blázquez (“Perspectiva” at Catalunya Ràdio, Barcelona)
– Rūta Leitanaitė (“Need an Architect” at Knowledge Radio, Vilnius)
– Iñigo Picabea (“El ojo crítico” at RNE, Madrid)
– Andrew Tuck ( “The Urbanist” by Monocle, London)

17:00–17:40h LIVE 
Roundtable with the participation of Pep Lluís Blázquez, Rūta Leitanaitė, Andrew Tuck, Iñigo Picabea.
Moderated by Rūta Leitanaitė.

May 14th

11:00 – 12:30h LIVE 
Workshop: Copyright in architectural images.
By Enric Enrich (lawyer, Barcelona)

17:00–18:00h LIVE 
Closing conversation with Iwan Baan (photographer, The Netherlands).