Architecture and Society Talk Series, 55th Edition

Schools are crucibles of learning; they prepare children for a lifelong journey of perpetual development, imparting valuable skills in a dynamic environment very different from home.

Architects by profession, Kabir and Preeti Vajpeyi birthed their practice "VINYÃS - A Centre for Architectural Research & Design," in 1996. Practising architecture for the development of social environments is one of the major cornerstones of their firm; its contribution has created renewed learning environments in government schools, aanganwadis and health centres throughout the country.

Preeti Vajpeyi has involved herself towards forging a better path for understanding gender issues and social leadership in students pursuing graduate and postgraduate courses in Architecture from Indira Gandhi Technical University for Women.

The speakers will talk about their journey of transformations in public ecosystems, forging the existing built environments of government schools and aanganwadis.

Chair: MN Ashish Ganju 
Collab: Greha