The public hearing on the redevelopment project of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) ended on 7 February, Friday. Over two days, at least 1,200 people were called to attend the hearing on objections raised by 2,000 people on the Central vista redevelopment, reports IANS.1

At the hearing, Poonam Prakash, head of the department of physical planning at the School of Panning and Architecture, told the board that the proposed change in land use adopted by the DDA is not “legally tenable,” reported2 The Indian Express.

“It’s legally not tenable, you’re modifying a 2001 plan within a framework of MPD 2021. ‘Zone D’ plan hasn’t been notified (for 2021). The board should record the reason for delay of notification simply because all other zonal plans were notified in 2010,” Prakash was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.


  • 1. News agency IANS reports other objections raised by architects and planners at the meeting. Anil Sood, president of NGO Chetna said: “How can you think of changing the land use without having the blueprint in hand and in particular conducting a civic survey as mandated under Section 7 of the DDA Act? Central Vista cannot be developed as a separate island in isolation without considering surrounding zones.”
  • 2. DDA vice-chairman Tarun Kapoor said the zonal plan for 2021 has been approved and was under notification: “These changes are based on the 2001 plan. We will look at it from the legal point of view as well… When the local area plan is delayed, the previous one is used.”

    Source: Indian Express