International Congress 'Francesco Borromini 1599-1667' and show 'Francesco Borromini. I disegni della Biblioteca Vaticana'

  • The international congress 'Francesco Borromini 1599-1667' will be held on December 11 at the Accademia San Luca, on the 12th at the Vatican Museums and on the 13th at the La Sapienza University.
  • The show 'Francesco Borromini. I disegni della Biblioteca Vaticana' (Francesco Borromini. The drawings of the Vatican library) will be inaugurated on December 12 at the Vatican Museums.

(ANSA) - Rome, December 4 - Francesco Borromini (1599-1667), the protagonist of Roman Baroque architecture who still exercises a deep influence on contemporary architects, is at the center of a series of initiatives this month to commemorate the 350th anniversary of his death.

An international congress and an exhibit showcasing his drawings and projects will kick off on December 11.

Other initiatives aimed at highlighting the different aspects of Borromini's architecture and its impact on the Eternal City will include guided tours and lessons in the churches and buildings, a photography competition and a mass at Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza.

The events have been organized thanks to the cooperation between institutions including the Vatican Museums, the Accademia San Luca, the architecture department of La Sapienza University, the MAXXI Museum of Arts of the 21st century and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.