BHUBANESWAR: Structural experts and architects from across the country and abroad who are brainstorming here at NATCON-2017 organised by Odisha Chapter of Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) on Friday raised serious concern on the current unsustainable construction practices and stressed for traditional technologies which have been sustainable both environmentally as well as structurally.

Highlighting the architectural scenario of heritage sites and public places in Kathmandu before and after the 2015 earthquake, vice-chairman of Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) Anju Malla Pradhan said the recent change of taste of traditional city core and skyline to unplanned concrete jungles is a threat on the environment.

She emphasised on retention of traditional building construction techniques and said post earthquake, the focus is on designing safe structures which is being done in such a way that the buildings would have more space for evacuation during time of crisis.Eminent architect and a Professor at New Delhi-based School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) Charanjit Singh Shah focused on sustainable planning approach and innovations in design to visualise and realise mega projects like airports and railway stations.

“Architects need to be more authoritative in decision making process in development of modern cities with a holistic approach. There should be sustainable multi-model and inter-model transportation hubs and instead of creating layers of transportation lines above ground (as in India), we should try to go underground or sub-surface (as in London),” Shah, fondly known as Airport King of India, said.