The Hindu landlords left the estate soon after the creation of Pakistan in 1947

Mazidpur Zamindar Bari (estate of the feudal lords during British period) is an estate comprised of some 200-year-old palaces with a picturesque landscape located in Comilla’s Titas upazila. According to the local residents, this can be a spectacular tourist spot, if maintained properly.

The Zamindar Bari is only 5km west of the Korikandi Bazar, which is about 10km north of the Gouripur Bus Stand on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway.

Visiting the estate, this correspondent has found that the palaces have almost turned into wreckages.  Walls have been covered with moss and other small plants while the beautiful terracotta are still peeping from behind the thickets.

According to local and historical sources, some four of the 17 buildings have already been demolished. There is a lake and some 20 small and large ponds inside the estate premises.

Local powerful quarters have been occupying several palatial buildings for years as no heirs of its owners were found.