Employees at crowdfunding platform Kickstarter voted Tuesday 46-37 to form a union, the first major tech company to do so, the New York Times reports.

In the past, the Times notes, most unionization efforts have focused on lower-paid blue- and white-collar workers, not tech workers who are often paid in the six figures. But Veena Dubal, associate professor of employment law at the University of California, Hastings College of Law, told the Times that the vote “signals to workers across the tech industry that it is both desirable and possible to build collective structures to influence wages, working conditions and even business decisions.”

Indeed, the Kickstarter union’s founding was prompted by a 2018 incident when a comic book called “Always Punch Nazis” began to raise money on the platform. Kickstarter leadership said the book violated the site’s policies, but employees disagreed. The formation of the union was reportedly tied to employees’ desires to “question management when needed,” Clarissa Redwine, a former organizer at the company, told the Times.