NEW DELHI: The Delhi Urban Art Commission has turned down a project submitted by the defence ministry for a national war museum at Princess Park, India Gate
Sources said the design was found "unsuitable for the location and not in conformity with the surroundings". 

The Centre had held an open global competition to select the design for the museum. But when the winning entry was submitted before DUAC for approval, the commission found that it "does not conform to the architectural surroundings of the area and also the overall urban design character of central vista and the Lutyens' Bungalow Zone". 

PSN Rao, DUAC chairperson, said: "When the proposal came to us, we asked them to first get it cleared by the central vista and the heritage conservation committees. After that, they came back to us, but we didn't find the project acceptable.'' 

While DUAC welcomed the idea of conducting a global architectural competition for the project, it made several observations: "The proposal may be seen by the jury in context of the unique urban design of the central vista. A comprehensive master plan for the overall complex needs to be prepared and no existing road network should be changed. The status of hutment plots in the Hexagon complex needs due consideration. Comprehensive proposals of all six lawns need to be prepared and traffic transportation study of area be made."