In its application which has been reviewed by the Hindustan Times, the union ministry of housing and urban affairs’ construction arm, the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has stated that the project cost for the new Parliament building has been increased from Rs 776 crore to Rs 922 crore instead “due to changes in specifications which have been approved after the application submission.” 

The EAC is scheduled to hear the matter on April 22.1

“Transportation of raw material will cause impacts for the short-term only. Barricading will be provided all around the construction site. Air pollution will be minimized by water sprinklers and by covering the vehicles during transport. The trucks used for transport will be thoroughly checked for emission parameters and will be properly maintained. The raw materials transport will be avoided during the peak hours to reduce traffic load,” the application stated.


  • 1. Addressing concerns raised over the project in the application stated that “there will be no adverse impact due to construction activities on existing structures and suitable precautions will be accordingly made… There are several ASI regulated archaeological sites present within the study area. However none of them will be impacted due to the project activities. Since their regulated boundaries are outside the project site.”