BHOPAL: The Congress, which has been out of power in Madhya Pradesh for the last 14 years, is leaving no stone unturned, it seems, to revive its political fortunes in the poll-bound state and stop the BJPfrom retaining power. 


Removing the 'vastu dosh' (architectural defects) from its party's state headquarter office is one such move, which the opposition party feels, will bring good luck and improve its prospects to be back at the helm of affairs in the state. 

After consulting 'vastu shastra' experts, the party has removed three toilets located near its spokespersons' room on the ground floor of the four-storey office complex - 'Indira Bhawan'- in Shivajinagar area in the state capital. 

'Vastu shastra' is a traditional Hindu system of architecture, which literally means 'science of architecture'. 

"We consulted 'vastu shastra' experts and as per their advice removed three toilets, including the one attached to my room," Madhya Pradesh Congress chief spokesman K K Mishra told PTI. 

"The 'vastu dosh' (defects in the office complex) stand removed now," he added. 

Another Congress leader said, "We have cast out the bad omen from our house. Now things will change for us."