Switzerland's Federal Office of Culture has unveiled the winners of the eighteenth Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim: the artists Sylvie Fleury and Thomas Hirschhorn, as well as the architect Luigi Snozzi, will be honored on June 11 in Basel together with the winners of the Swiss Arts Awards.

Jury statement: "Luigi Snozzi is an architect who is equally invested as a builder, a professor and a citizen. As a key figure of a movement dedicated to the analysis of territory, his building work represents an uncompromising type of architecture that embraces its presence to create new spaces through a form of positive confrontation. A great supporter of architecture that creates the city – the collective entity par excellence –, he shows unparalleled clarity and powers of synthesis in his numerous projects which are a model of the productive relationship between architecture and its context. Luigi Snozzi maintains his critical stance towards the conditions and limits of his profession and, having influenced and mentored many generations of architecture students, he embodies the role of the architect as upholder of political, cultural and human values." — Victoria Easton