When Donald Trump made it clear that as President, he would not divest from his business empire, many people were afraid of a scenario in which foreign interests were able to buy access to the Trump family.

That appears to be exactly what has happened.


Where does the Trump family business end and the White House begin? (
Where does the Trump family business end and the White House begin? ( © RIAN SNYDER/REUTERS

India is an important country for President Trump, and not just because it is the world’s largest democracy and is soon to be the world’s fifth largest economy. India is the biggest international market for Trump properties. Ivanka Trump — who visited India on state business in November — holds trademarks in the country for her clothing brand, where some products are manufactured. India impacts the Trump family’s bottom line, maybe more so than any other foreign nation.

So the question must be asked, when it comes to American policy towards India, does Trump have America’s best interest in mind, or his business’ bottom line?

Trump Jr. has continued to blur the line between the Trump Organization and the Trump administration. While in India, he is scheduled to deliver a speech on foreign policy at a summit where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also speaking. We don’t know when or how Trump Jr. became a foreign policy expert on the level of world leaders, but we imagine his expertise has something to do with being the son of one.

Of course, when President Trump broke decades of precedent and refused to divest from his businesses, his team claimed that there was a firewall in place with no overlap between the administration, run by Donald Trump and advised by Ivanka Trump, and the Trump business, run by Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

That firewall has been all but non-existent, leaving us with a President who appears to be profiting off of the presidency. And unfortunately, conflict of interest laws apply to neither the President nor his sons.