This architectural beauty is what first brought Hong Kong-based photographers Victor Cheng and Samantha Wong to Rajasthan's capital. 

Trading in glass skyscrapers for century-old royal palaces and historic forts, the pair -- who have 130,000 Instagram followers between them -- said that the images they captured in Jaipur received an unprecedented response online. "The response [to our photographs of Jaipur] has been amazing, almost ridiculous," Cheng said. "A lot of our followers hadn't seen this side of India, so we're happy we were able to show this side of the country."

For the photographers, one of the city's most intriguing traits is the pastel pink coloring of its buildings.
"The first gates you see when you enter are pink," said Wong. "Once you're through, everything around you varies in different shades of the color -- from bright pinks to reddish browns." 


The city's formative buildings were created in a Rajasthani architectural style, which blends the complex construction of Hindu Rajput building techniques with the striking symmetry of Mughal design.
"A lot of the buildings were designed to be very symmetrical, which from a photographer's perspective works out very nicely," said Cheng.