"Translation and Architecture." Special issue, Art in Translation, guest edited by Karen Koehler and Jeffrey Saletnik, vol. 10, no. 1 (March 2018): 1-142.


Introduction: Objects of Architectural Translation
Jeffrey Saletnik (Indiana University Bloomington)
Pages: 4-10

Adomnán's On the Holy Places: Pilgrimage Manuscripts and Architectural Translation from Jerusalem to Europe
Kathryn Blair Moore (Texas State University)
Pages: 11-29

Vernacular Vignola
Carolina Mangone (Princeton University) 
Pages: 30-54

Saxa Loquuntur: Prague's Speaking Stones
Sherry Simon (Concordia University) 
Pages: 55-70

Creole Architectural Translation: Processes of Exchange in Eighteenth-Century Mauritius
Dwight Carey (Amherst College) 
Pages: 71-90

Drawing Plans Together: The Administration of Nineteenth-Century Plans of Paris
Min Kyung Lee (Bryn Mawr College) 
Pages: 91-111

Louise Bourgeois: Architecture and Autobiography
Karen Koehler (Hampshire College) 
Pages: 112-135

Writing a Global History through Translation: An Afterword on Pedagogical Perspectives
Esra Akcan (Cornell University) 
Pages: 136-142