This conference on Mauro Pellicioli (1887-1974), a leading figure in twentieth-century restoration in Italy and Europe, will be held in Venice on 14-15 November 2018 and sets out to provide an original overview of this restorer and the approach to restoration in his time, combining a technical and philological study of restoration methodologies with a historical analysis of the cultural and social processes that certain choices always imply. Two distinct but interconnected paths that we shall attempt to bring closer together.

Although the critical analysis of Pellicioli's biography and the results of his work is fragmentary and largely unpublished, the conference intends to avoid the simple reconstruction of a specific conservation-restoration intervention; rather, it aims to increase our understanding of the twentieth century approach to restoration by investigating the relationship between the man himself and the institutions and art historians of that period.

Papers for proposal should put forward unpublished and original points of view that will enhance our understanding of one or more of the following themes and sessions:

  • Pellicioli, art historians and connoisseurs of his time
  • Pellicioli, his studio organisation and student collaborators
  • Pellicioli’s relationship with the Istituto Centrale del Restauro
  • Pellicioli and restoration work for Italian museums
  • Pellicioli’s legacy in Europe

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: May 10th 2018
Notification of acceptance: July 2nd 2018

Authors should submit an abstract of their proposed paper and a brief CV as a single file in PDF format.

  • Abstract - Max 2.000 characters including spaces 
  • CV - Max 2.000 characters 

Email address for sending abstracts: asri at
Email subject: “International Conference Pellicioli 2018 – abstract” followed by full name (first name and family name)