Amorfo - NOWNESS

Luis Barragan’s Casa Gilardi is considered one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture. His last project before passing, the house shows off the legendary Mexican architect's exemplary use of geometry and eye-popping color. In this new video for the design video channel Nowness,1 the home acts as the perfect stage for hosting a body-bending dance troupe that twists and moves through the building’s vibrant spaces and rooms. 


  • 1. Iconic Mexican architect Luis Barragan’s Casa Gilardi—an iconic modernist house in Mexico City—hosts a body-bending dance troupe who twist and move through the geometric building’s colorful spaces and rooms. Director Andres Arochi explains his interest in experimenting with the physicality of Barragan’s architecture: “I wanted to play around with and explore the architect’s design. He knew exactly when and where people stand, and how the combination of light and space makes them feel.” Continuing, he notes that: “When we began shooting, magic started to happen. Light burst in through the window, and the dancer’s bodies started to flow in a way I had not anticipated.”