Both revered and reviled, these uncompromising concrete hulking masses continue to divide opinion in the UK

Despite the abundance and richness of the 20th century’s concrete behemoths, much of Britain’s brutalist architecture remains at risk from demolishment. 

“As a society we tend to undervalue the architectural accomplishments of the preceding generation, but in time the most loathed and deeply unfashionable buildings can end up both loved and listed,” said Catherine Croft, director of the Twentieth Century Society. “It’s hard to remember just how reviled Victorian Gothic once was, now that St Pancras – which was only saved by the efforts of John Betjeman and the Victorian Society – is a treasured masterpiece and a glamorous hotel.

“These buildings are a valuable legacy which add to the richness of the fabric of our architectural heritage, and the best examples should be safeguarded for future generations. Sadly, this is just not happening. These buildings formed the background to our everyday lives and their absence will impoverish us all.” 

Here are 10 of the UK’s finest forms of modernist architecture that have been razed to the ground: