The processes of contemporary practitioners of space appear to be shaped through an intense enabling of technologies, concerns around the environment, urbanity and emerging economic and living conditions. To think of discussions on contemporary Indian architecture would not only mean taking stock of these contexts, but also asking questions about ‘space’ that gets structured in these new contexts. This conference aims to look closely at the specific conditions that produce space and its configurations, its experience, its politics and the methods we employ to imagine it. The question of environment and body; place and thought are at once held together in the notion of “inhabitation”. How do body and space make each other? Through what processes do they get shaped, and how do we become inhabitants? In extension to the exhibition ‘When is Space?’, “Inhabitations” articulates interrogations through the spatiality of the JKK and its generator – the city of Jaipur. Along with keynote addresses by scholars and panel discussions by practitioners of space, the conference shall inhabit different parts of the JKK through several spatial performances. The conference has twin agendas – to ask the first questions on space / place in contemporary architecture; and second to annotate the exhibition that it accompanies: ‘When is Space?’

inhabitations: Conference on Contemporary Practices of Space

Annotations to 'When is Space?' Exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra, 21st Jan - 21st April 2018 Curated by Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty