Pitches for inclusion of more towns under AMRUT, Seeks 90:10 funding pattern of Smart City Project

New Delhi, May 28, (Scoop News)-Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Sat Sharma today met the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Mr. Hardeept Singh Puri and flagged several important issues relating to the Housing and Urban sector in the State.

Sat Sharma while discussing the implementation of the smart city projects in the State called for changing the funding pattern from the existing 50-50 (50 state and 50 centre) to 90:10 wherein the centre would be providing 90% of the funding and the state share would be 10%. He said that the same would ensure that the speed of the implementation of the scheme is speeded up and it is completed within the stipulated time frame.

The Minister also called for inclusion of more towns of the state under the flagship scheme of AMRUT so that the holistic development of the Jammu and Kashmir can be undertaken and people provided with quality facilities of modern housing needs.