Vera’s Mathematic World invites undergraduate and postgraduate students world-wide to discover and interpret new applications to design based on the proportions proposed in the Metallic Means Family developed by Dr. Vera W de Spinadel.

VMW’18 invites all those who understand that the application to design of the proportion system resulting from the Golden Mean, the Silver Mean, the Bronze Mean, the Copper Mean and / or the Nickel Mean helps to create shapes that increase the beauty and harmony of the product. The creations sought may belong to any discipline that is dedicated to design in an inclusive and comprehensive sense as understood by Dr. Spinadel. We use the word Design in its broadest sense, that is, a Design is a project resource that constitutes a basic element in interdisciplinary communication between human beings, be it architectural, graphic, visual or sound, as well as any other simple or combined interaction.

The Vera W. de Spinadel International Award will be given to the project that achieves the greatest creative innovation in its discipline and will allow the creative artist or designer who proposed it to entry an Internship in the Global Studio of Zaha Hadid Architects in London with all expenses covered by Vera’s Mathematic World Movement.

With great pleasure we share with VMW ‘18 Friends the inspiring words of the architect Patrik Schumacher, who will generously open the doors of the Studio Zaha Hadid Architects and Zaha Hadid Design to the winner of this international event:

“The role of Mathematics within Architecture started since the inception of architecture in particular in the Renaissance and continues to be a cutting edge element to empower Architecture and Design.”