European students in Art History, related subjects or studies with a particular interest in the academic field of art and technology are invited to contribute to and participate in the conference Artificial Intelligence — Intelligent Art.

The conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 1st and 2nd of October 2018. It will be a student-based conference on the subject of the relationship between art and technology. Art should not be an afterthought to, but an integral part of the technological future.

Examples of ways in which we interpret an alliance between art and technological advances:

  • Creative Artificial Intelligence
  • Aesthetic robot technologies
  • The authenticity of art in a digital age
  • Aesthetic programming
  • Bioart, biotech art, generic art, Transgeneric art
  • Hybrid art
  • Cyber feminism
  • Internet art
  • Curating new media
  • Nano art

Students who wish to contribute further must apply by sending an abstract of 1500-2000 characters, including spaces, to the email address: [email protected] before the 1st of July 2018. An abstract is used to give the reader an overview of the content of the assignment and should include: purpose, problem, method, structure, results and conclusion. In order to participate in the conference  a final paper of 15-25 pages must be handed in on the first day of the conference along with a participation fee. One page counts as 2400 characters, including spaces.

Contact Info: 

  • Art History student Xenia Brown Pallesen, Xeniabpallesen at
  • Art History student Ragnhild Elisabeth Gissel, Ragnhilgissel at