The GSM IV conference covers a variety of specific yet strongly connected topics as Nomadic Swarms, Nomadic Cities, Robotic Buildings, Informed Materials, Monads and Nomads, Scalable Interactions, as will be targeted by the keynote speeches, the call for papers and the hands-on workshops.

Proposed topics are, but not limited to:

  • Scalable energy production, whereas the constituting components are considered to be energy producers in themselves

  • Vertical [urban] farming, both in new and in existing structures

  • Multimodal booking strategies, facilitating multimodal accommodations for the nomadic international citizen

  • Distributed personal climatic systems, allowing users to create and take along with them their own local climates

  • Robotic design, production and assembly, with a special focus design driven robotic strategies in art and architecture

  • Automated transport systems, water based, land based, and on the planetary scale Moon and Mars based, bound to reconfigure existing city infrastructure and revolutionize new settlements

  • Resilient solution for building in extreme climates, both super cold and super hot climates, ranging from Siberia to Arabia

  • [E]motive styling is considered a key factor in the appreciation of new settlements, whereas monadic building bodies will need a new approach to their body styling

  • Parametric design to robotic production methods, enhancing the expressive potential of architects and entrepreneurs

  • Real time interactions between building bodies and their constituting components will require bold new strategies

The GSM IV conference topics are structured along the lines of the scalability of the connections between constituting monadic components. Day One is dedicated to the notion of the Nomad, Day Two is dealing with the notion of the Monad. We have framed the 2-day conference in four discrete sessions.

27 November, 2018

  • Day One morning session: The Universe and the Planet.
  • Day One afternoon session: The Community and the City.

28 November, 2018

  • Day Two morning session: The Body and the Building.
  • Day Two afternoon session: The Cell and the Building Component.