[an exhibition] Called “IIID Showcase Insider 2018” it is organized by The Hyderabad Regional Chapter(HRC) of the apex body for the interior professionals in the field of Interior Design in India IIID—Institute of Indian Interior Designers. It is showcasing all verticals of the building industry.

This B2B exhibition is unique and is the only its kind of an expo organized by the professionals, for the professionals, and of the professionals.

Addressing the media immediately after inaugurating the show, Pratap JADHAV, National President of IIID said IIID has 31 chapters and 8000 across India. There are three lakh interior design professionals in I dia. Our focus is to enhance the quality of Interior Design Profession in India. We would like to focus on serious education of the Interior Designing in India, he said

Speaking further Pratap JADHAV added that they are collaborating with 35 colleges and 12 universities, including Hyderabad based Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, is one of them, JADHAV added. Our role here is to enhance the quality of interior designing education, faculty training, he informed. Every year 10,000 students are entering into the profession, he stated. 

We are holding a Summit in September this year Jaipur, where we will announce a Charter defining in what is quality interior design education. Hyderabad based designer Yashwanth Ramanamurthy already prepared a draft charter. After the summit, we will reveal details of the chapter which will be submitted to the competent government authorities, JADHAV added. 

Speaking further Pratap JADHAV stated that they were seriously contemplating to restrict practice to well qualified and well deserving by bringing in Licensing into the profession. It may take a decade or more to. Become law and come into force. And we want the government to introduce licensing system as we professionals deal with spaces which have health and safety issues. Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia.