Since the beginning of the modern age, the use of sculptural materials and media in the visual arts has changed significantly. Individually shaped marble, bronze or iron sculptures have almost disappeared. Contemporary installations now contain such an unlimited range of means of production that this diversity has itself become a signature aspect of contemporary art.

The conference takes its starting point in the supposed primordial scenes of connecting everyday life and art: the terms papier collé, ready-made and objet trouvé have become inscribed in the history of the avant-garde. They are responsible not only for the inclusion of new materials and media that were previously used solely in everyday life, but also for an allegedly innovative moment of appropriation that posits the obsolescence of old artistic techniques and their concepts of authorship.

The conference shifts the focus to the artistic practices in their respective transcultural and technological contexts. It addresses the genealogies of terms developed in different contexts, especially the assemblage, but also the bricolage, and récuperation. It will be questioned to what extent a different story can be developed in focusing on compiling materials with a certain origin, which connects the plastic arts with their cultural and, more recently, also technological contexts.

The workshop is part of the Chillida visiting professorship and made possible by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Conception: Antje Krause-Wahl, Frankfurt /Main and Tobias Vogt, Tübingen

Friday, 06.07.18


Tobias Vogt (Tübingen)
Assemblage / Camouflage

Anne-Grit Becker (Berlin)
Personal Fetishes and Other Things. Rauschenberg in Europe and North Africa

Jenny Graser (Frankfurt am Main)
Die Materialität plastischer Ereignisse – Jean Tinguelys Méta-Matic No. 17 (1959)

Dirk Hildebrandt (Köln)
The Sounds of Assemblage. Histories, Materials and Form around 1961

Simon Baier (Basel)
How Do I Make Myself a Body?

Antje-Krause Wahl (Frankfurt am Main)
Tetsumi Kudo: Assemblage and Procreation

Asier Mendizábal (Bilbao and Stockholm)
Inflexion. A Case from the Belated Basque Avantgarde.

Saturday, 07.07.18

Pauline Bachmann (Zürich)
Between Cencorship and Future Vision: Assembling Magazines in South America in the 1970s and 1980s.

André Rottmann (Berlin)
Fuck the Bauhaus: Isa Genzken and the Art of "Assemblage"

Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer (Leipzig)
Are there Transcultural Readymades? On Willem de Rooij's "Intolerance" (2010/11)

Kassandra Nakas (Berlin)
Staging Assemblage. Objects and Bodies in Selected Works of Mariana Castillo Deball, Kapwani Kiwanga and Goshka Macuga

Michael Rottmann (Basel)
Maschinen-Plastik: Künstlerischer 3D-Druck und seine (historischen) Produktionslinien