Transite is a project developed and implemented by the Timiș Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects and the Timișoara Capital of Culture Association, with the objective of bringing into the public attention Gara de Nord (the North Train Station) in Timișoara, as a public space with a strong cultural potential.

In 2016, following a tight competition, Timișoara has been designated European Capital of Culture in 2021, on the basis of a bidbook which centred on the slogan ”Shine your light / Light up your city”. Winning this title brought forth an enormous opportunity to identify energy points in Timișoara, places of great potential which, by means of cultural resuscitation, can become the attractors of a city that will certainly witness an increase in the number of visitors during the following years. The organizers believe that Gara de Nord is one such energy point, Transite being just one of the possible means of stimulating this transformation.

The Transite open design competition for a temporary architectural installation is open for architects, urbanists, designers, artists and multidisciplinary teams from Romania, Hungary and Serbia and will finalize with the construction of the winner project and its placement in Gara de Nord.

The deadline for registering projects is July 25th, 2018 at 20:00 Romanian time (GMT + 3h). 

The international jury consists of 5 members: Bogdan Cotîrță (Timișoara, Romania), Vlad Gaivoronschi (Timișoara, Romania), Valeri Gyurov (Sofia, Bulgaria), Marius Cătălin Moga (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Cristian Rusu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania).