International Tender, 深圳音乐学院全过程设计国际招标



This project is one of “Ten Cultural Facilities in New Era” invested by Shenzhen Municipal Government. With the need of talents for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and CUHK-Shenzhen’s successful experience, the project will integrate philosophies of other world-leading international schools. It aims at establishing an international, innovative, world-leading higher education institution for music and art, which will fill the blank of music and art education in Shenzhen.

The site of The Shenzhen Conservatory of Music is in International University Campus, Longgang District, Shenzhen, next to CUHK-Shenzhen. Currently, most of the structures at the site are gymnasiums, which will be demolished before the project construction.

CORE DESIGN CONTENT: The core design contents for The Shenzhen Conservatory of Music include: classrooms, practice studios, library, auditoriums, student dormitories, staff dormitories, dining hall, performance auditoriums (including a 700-seat A-Level competition theater, a 500-seat music hall and a 200-seat rehearsal hall), and science research space (including music technology center, music management center, music therapy center, sociomusicology center).

WORK SCOPE: The bidding content of this project is the whole process design, all the project construction content in the plot, including scheme design and optimization (including investment estimates and instructions), design development (including cost estimates and instructions), construction documents (including construction and technical documents, construction drawings and instructions), review and stamping of record drawings, on-site construction cooperation, coordination and cooperation with other consultants hired by Tenderee, and other related services; special design, preparation of relevant special reports, etc.The key majors involved include, but are not limited to, master planning, architecture, structure engineering, electrical, curtain wall, landscape design, sponge city design, interior design, architectural acoustics, floodlighting, green building, theater / concert hall design, stage craft, river improvement, etc. The final work content shall be subjected to the tender documents and design contract.