It is one of the worst cases of planning because of the political logjam in the state of J&K

[IF]  we compare our state with other parts of Indian states regarding Town Planning, then it has one of the worst governing mechanism of planning. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUDD) is considered as the nodal agency of policy making, plans and schemes, but it never realized that in a mammoth place like Ladakh, there must be town planning organization. It is not just Ladakh, where this kind of problem prevails. This neglect is prevalent in all the twenty two districts of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir's unresolved political conflict also led Ladakh to be part of political victimization. It is evident that we have more red tape and officialdom than transparency and good governance. These may be the reasons of state government failure notably in case of Ladakh.  

The state has two Town Planning organizations, one in Jammu and the next one in Kashmir. Whereas the largest province in terms of size, Ladakh, does not have this provision yet. We have two municipal corporations, seventy four municipal committees and different forms of development authorities. But the tragedy is that in all these organizations town planners are few and even town planners' seats are filled up by non-professionals candidates. Then how can we expect real solution to the problem efficiently which is implemented and accomplished by them in our state. There is a need to regularize the recruitment policy of town planners as per planning norms of India. So that the urban, transport, landscape, environmental and regional planners could get their respective rights.