Charrette (ISSN 2054-6718) is the journal of the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE), publishing contributions academics and practitioners engaged in innovative and significant architectural education and research. Today we are announcing a new call for Guest Editors to assume responsibility for volume 6 issue 2, to be published in autumn 2019.

Charrette is structured to encompass a range of work from current research, polemic, critique, speculation and experimentation. Charrette is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. It's available to read and download from and IngentaConnect.

The aims of the journal are to:

  • Provide a shared medium for the dissemination of both academic peer-reviewed writing and research generated through the architectural design studio.
  • Articulate contemporary architectural pedagogies. - Demonstrate the breadth and quality of the discourse, actions and outcomes of architectural education.

The aims of the AAE are to:

  • To develop, support and represent communities of practice and learning in architectural education in the U.K. and Ireland.
  • To foster inclusive dialogues between the AAE community, students and employers, and educational and professional bodies.
  • To encourage research and scholarship of teaching and learning in architectural education through critical and reflective discourse.
  • To promote the value, richness, quality, and diversity inherent in architectural education.

The journal is published bi-annually online. The journal structure is as follows:

  • Editorial by the issue’s Guest Editor
  • Essays: 5,000 – 8,000 words (including all references and endnotes). Essays must demonstrate their intellectual and theoretical context, method and data, and have a clear conclusion.
  • Projects: 3,000 – 5,000 words (including all references and endnotes). Submissions to the Projects section will substitute traditional “academic” data with project work, so they are expected to include more images, diagrams, and illustrations.
  • Freespace (optional): 3,000 – 5,000 words. The Freespace allows for authors to develop accessible, provocative, and/or polemical work which may be written or illustrated.

Individuals or parties interested in proposing a theme for volume 6 issue 2 are invited to contact the Charrette Editorial Board at this email address no later than Friday 3 August with a brief initial expression of interest (< 500 words) explaining their idea for a thematic issue. Shortlisted proposals will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. The Guest Editor(s) will be responsible (with the support of the Editor and Editorial Board) for drafting and refining a call for papers, conducting editorial review, providing critical and constructive feedback in addition to our own double-blind peer review, and contributing an Editorial.

Please note the themes of past or upcoming issues when proposing your idea. We are particularly keen to receive proposals that focus on areas or themes not previously addressed by Charrette.

1(1) 2014: Inaugural issue (selected articles developed from papers delivered at the 2013 aae conference) - Edited by Ruth Morrow & James Benedict Brown

2(1) 2015: Uncommon Currency (selected articles developed from papers delivered at the 2014 aae conference) - Edited by Rosie Parnell

3(1) spring 2016: Architectural Education in Scotland - Edited by Andrew Agapiou

3(2) autumn 2016: Zero Hours - Edited by Gem Barton

4(1) spring 2017: Research Based Education (selected articles developed from papers delivered at the 2016 aae conference) - Edited by James Benedict Brown

4(2) autumn 2017: Global Practices, Transnational Pedagogies - Edited by Mónica Pacheco

5(1) spring 2018: From the Global South: Pedagogical Encounters in Architecture Edited by Ashraf Salama

5(2) autumn 2018: Architecture Connects: Strategies for the Co-Production of Architectural Knowledge (selected articles developed from papers delivered at the 2017 aae conference) - Edited by Jane Anderson

6(1) spring 2019: Flipping the Script: Foregrounding the Architecture Student - Edited by James Thompson

6(2) autumn 2019: TBC 7(1) spring 2020: Architecture+ : the consideration of architectural education beyond signature traditions (selected articles developed from papers delivered at the 2019 aae conference)