425 Thermal Compositions Through Robot Based Thermal Mass Distribution
Isak Worre Foged, Mads Brath Jensen
221 Computing craft: Early stage development of a robotically-supported 3D printing system for cob structures
Alejandro Veliz Reyes, Mohamed Gomaa, Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi, Wassim Jabi, Nicholas Mario Wardhana
402 On-Site Fabrication and Assembly for Arid Region Settlements
Gili Ron, Sara Shallaby, Theofano Antonako
298 Modelling A Complex Fabrication System: New design tools for doubly curved metal surfaces fabricated using the English Wheel
Gabriella Rossi, Paul Nicholas
415 A robotically fabricated connection system as a possible solution for a free-form "ROBO-WEB" gridshell which takes inspirations from English fan vaulted cathedrals
Anand Shah, Jose Pedro Sousa
311 Bring in the Noise: A robotic-aided framework for the indirect shape translation and molding of inexact geometries
Elena Vazquez, Marcus Shaffer
418 Robotic Methods in Acoustics: Analysis and Fabrication Processes of Sound Scattering Acoustic Panels
James Walker, Isak Worre Foged
266 Multi-dimensional Medium-printing: Prototyping Robotic Thermal Devices for Sculpting Airflow
Catty Dan Zhang, Allen Sayegh


142 Topological Attitude Toward Creating A Non-Modular Muqarnas: The method to explore and generate non-modular Muqarnas
Amin Bahrami, Kaveh Alagheband Hosseini, Ghazal Refalian
255 Programmable Paper Cutting: A Method to Digitally Fabricate Transformable, Complex Structural Geometry
Foroozan Danesh, Ali Baghi, Saleh Kalantari
263 Combining geometries and descriptions: A shape grammar plug-in for Grasshopper
Bianchi Dy, Rudi Stouffs
214 See the non-existing but still visible
Marcin Gorko
163 Adapting Modern Architecture to a Local Context: A Grammar for Hajjar’s Hybrid Domestic Architecture
Mahyar Hadighi, Jose Duarte
398 The didactic aspect of ars combinatoria in architectural design
Mattheos Papavasiliou
303 Biological Computation of Physarum: from DLA to spatial adaptive Voronoi
Liss C. Werner
151 Mapping Urban Information as an Interdisciplinary Method for Geography, Art and Architecture Representations
Ursula Kirschner, David Sperling


167 Ceramic Components: Computational Design for Bespoke Robotic 3D Printing on Curved Support 
Ana Anton, Ahmed Abdelmahgoub
106 Subdivisional Growth Logics
Christoph Klemmt
315 Mereologies: Combinatorial Design and the Description of Urban Form
Daniel Koehler, Sheghaf Abo Saleh, Hua Li, Chuwei Ye, Yaonaijia Zhou, Rasa Navasaityte
169 Learning from Generative Design System in the 60's: Case Study of Agricultural City Project
Kisho Kurokawa by Maki Kasahara, Kiwa Matsushita, Akihiro Mizutani
393 Cooperative trees by adding inosculated and discrete definitions to a DLA design
Salvador Serrano Salazar, José Carrasco Hortal, Francesc Morales Menárguez, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez Salazar
286 Markovian Drift: Iterative substitutional synthesis of 2D and 3D design data using Markov models of source data
Erik Swahn
276 Crystal Formations and Symmetry in the Search of Patterns in Architecture 
Müge Kruşa Yemişcioğlu, Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, Çağlar Fırat Özgenel


139 Artificial Intelligence Aided Architectural Design
Jan Cudzik, Kacper Radziszewski
438 Interactive artificial life based systems, augmenting design generation and evaluation by embeding expert opinion: A Human Machine dialogue for form finding
Subhajit Das
111 Learning Machine Learning as an Architect, How to?: Presenting and evaluating a Grasshopper based platform to teach architecture students machine learning 
Nariddh Khean, Alessandra Fabbri, M. Hank Haeusler
105 Design-Bot - Using Half-Automated Qualitative Interviews as Part of Self Communication within the Design Process
Matthias Kulcke
108 Applied automatic machine learning process for material computation
Dan Luo, Jingsong Wang, Weiguo Xu
389 Stochastic Hybrids: From references to design options through Self-Organizing Maps methodology
Jose Algeciras-Rodriguez
200 A Novel Approach for Classification of Structural Elements in a 3D Model by Supervised Learning
Gizem Yetiş, Ozan Yetkin, Kongpyung Moon, Özkan Kılıç


309 re-flex: Responsive Flexible Mold for Computer Aided Intuitive Design and Materialization
Serdar Aşut, Peter Eigenraam, Nikoletta Christidi
261 Rationalization and Optimization of Concrete Façade Panels
Guy Austern, Isaac Guedi Capeluto, Yasha Jacob Grobman
234 CNC Adjustable Mould to Eliminate Waste in Concrete Casting
Paul Loh, David Leggett, Daniel Prohasky
277 Digital design and fabrication of freeform concrete blocks: the experience of ‘Cobogo Trança’
Veronica Natividade
194 Break it till you make it: A design studio for problem-finding
Jose Paixao, Florian Fend, Urs Hirschberg
174 Design Research Based Method for Digital Fabrication Teaching
Marcin Strzala
332 Reinforced, reusable, reconfigurable molds for cast voussoirs
Pedro de Azambuja Varela and José Pedro Sousa


336 De-coding Rio de Janeiro's favelas.: Shape grammar application as a contribution to the debate over the regularisation of favelas. The case of Parque Royal
Valeria Ena
312 "Computational Making" in Basic Design Studio: A Case Study of Lanterns Project
Gamze Gündüz, Hülya Oral, Tuğrul Yazar
310 Topologic: A toolkit for spatial and topological modelling 
Wassim Jabi, Robert Aish, Simon Lannon, Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi, Nicholas Mario Wardhana
408 Ornament & Distortion: Superficial Techniques for Spatial Distortion by Means of CAD-CAM Technologies
Prof. Javier Martin, Daniel Martin
351 New Concepts for Application of Topological Interlocking In Architecture
Maciej Piekarski
216 From Pattern Making to Acoustic Panel Making Utilizing Shape Grammars
Ecenur Yavuz, M. Birgül Çolakoğlu, Begüm Aktaş


135 Living Wall: Information Workflow and Collaboration 
Danelle Briscoe
295 BIM for Heritage Documentation: An ontology-based approach
Eloisa Dezen-Kempter, Camila Kimi Cogima, Pedro Victor Vieira de Paiva, Marco Antonio Garcia de Carvalho
226 A CAD-Blockchain Integration strategy for distributed validated digital design: connecting the Blockchain
Theodoros Dounas, Davide Lombardi
284 BIM implementation in architecture firms: Interviews, case studies and action research used to build a method that facilitates implementation of BIM processes and tools
Elodie Hochscheid, Gilles Halin
159 Developing a Methodology for Learning BIM through Education-Practice Collaboration
Hatidza Isanovic, Birgul Çolakoğlu
193 Generative BIM Automation Strategies for Prefabricated Multi-Family Housing Design
Karolina Ostrowska-Wawryniuk, Krzysztof Nazar
184 Abstracting and Trimming Reality: One-Click-Region-Growing and Surface Trimming in Point Clouds
Christian Tonn, Harald Schmidt, Oliver Bringmann, Daniel Klawitter


227 EventMode: A new computational design tool for integrating human activity data within the architectural design workflow
Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris
297 HIVE Parametric Tool: A simplified energy simulation tool for educating architecture students 
Amr Elesawy, Stefan Caranovic, Justin Zarb, Prageeth Jayathissa, Arno Schlueter
210 A Computational Tool for Mapping the Users' Urban Cognition: A Framework and a Representation for the Evolutionary Optimization of the Fuzzy Binary Relation between the Urban Conceptions of "Us" and "Others"
Mohammed Ezzat
367 Computational Color Design Process Towards Aesthetic Community Revitalization
Hannah Ju, Hyunsoo Lee
123 A Structurally Informed Design Process by Real-time Data Visualisations
Lennert Loos, Lars De Laet
371 Parametric Climate Responsive Design: A Tool for Evaluative Site Design
Nicolai Steinø, Kristian Mortensen
319 Follow the sun: Architectural model-making with electronic components
Helga Tauscher


237 Modular, flexible, customizable housing and 3D printed: - an experiment in architectural education
José Beirão, Nuno Mateus, João Siopa Alves
209 15 years of immersion: Evolution and assessment of a pedagogy
Laurent Lescop, Bruno Suner
107 Use of Immersive Virtual Environment in the Design Studio: an Assessment Model
Hadas Sopher, Dafna Fisher Gewirtzman, Yehuda E. Kalay
120 A Comparative Study of Formal and Informal Teaching Methods in the Digital Architectural Curricula
Guzden Varinlioglu, Gozde Damla Turhan


138 Integrated data analysis for parametric design environment: mineR: a Grasshopper plugin based on R
Abdulmalik Abdulmawla, Sven Schneider, Martin Bielik, Reinhard Koenig
292 Generative hydrology network analysis - A parametric approach to water infrastructure based urban planning
Martin Dennemark, Andreas Aicher, Sven Schneider, Tesfaye Hailu
327 Parametric design as interpreter of the urban compositional problem: One basic application to city block modeling
Massimo Izzo
186 Interaction between Parametric Modelling and Criteria of Product Development in China's Non-standard Practice
Sining Wang, Kristof Crolla


412 BIM’s Complexity and Ambiguity: BIM v. Paper Architecture
Robert Flanagan
156 Building Information Dashboard as Decision Support during Design Phase
Adam Tamas Kovacs, András Micsik
273 A Smooth Introduction to BIM in Interior Design Studies: The reversed 'in steps' design procedure
Agnieszka Modzelewska
170 Towards the Application of Uncertainty Analysis in Architectural Design Decision-Making: A Probabilistic Model and Applications
Fatemeh Shahsavari, Rasool Koosha, Milad R. Vahid, Wei Yan, Mark Clayton


195 Design and Automation for Seniors: Robot aided design of an environment for the elderly and disabled
Karolina Dąbrowska-Żółtak, Jerzy Wojtowicz, Stefan Wrona
322 Blockerties: The Distributive Design of the Blockchain Technology and its Impact on Urban Form
Daniel Koehler, Anna Galika, Junyi Bai, Qiuru Pu
204 KINE[SIS]TEM'17: A methodological process for a Nature-Based Design
Maria João de Oliveira, Vasco Moreira Rato, Carla Leitão
420 Spatial Sonic Network: Designing and prototyping acoustic mirrors for communication
Brady Peters, Mitchell Akiyama, Ous Abou Ras, Sean Lamb


182 Designing Affordable, portable, and flexible Shelter for the Homeless and the Refugees
Mona Ghandi
152 New Pattern For Architectural Computing Education: Positivist vs. Constructivist Approaches
Adam Jakimowicz
381 Escaping Flatlands: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Prototyping Solutions to Current Architectural Topics
Sarah Louise Jenney, Michael Mühlhaus, Nils Seifert, Frank Petzold, Alexander Wiethoff
224 A Sensory and Bodily Approach to Curriculum Construction for Design Education
Ipek Kay, Bahar Akgün, Deniz Tümerdem, Cemal Koray Bingol 
317 ICARUS Project - An open source platform for computer programming in architectural teaching and research
Odysseas Kontovourkis, Constantine C Doumanidis
208 Representational ecosystems in architectural design studio critiques: Do changes in the representational ecosystem affect tutors and students behaviors during design critiques?
Julie Milovanovic, Daniel Siret, Guillaume Moreau, Francis Miguet
335 Architects & Algorithms: Developing Interactive Visualizations for Architectural Communication
Nils Seifert, Frank Petzold
289 Evaluating an Immersive Virtual Learning Environment for Learning How to Design in Human-Scale
Orkun Sönmez, Arzu Gönenç Sorguç


339 Spaceship Tectonics: Design Computation Pedagogy for Generative Sci-Fi Building Skins
Pavlos Fereos, Marios Tsiliakos, Clara Jaschke
197 Design Space Exploration Framework: A modular approach to flexibly explore large sets of design variants of parametric models within a single environment
Ekaterina Fuchkina, Sven Schneider, Sven Bertel, Iuliia Osintseva
342 Wind-formed architectural shapes
Lenka Kormaníková, Angelos Chronis, Stanislav Kmeť, Dušan Katunský
414 Square Tessellation Patterns on Double Layer Minimal Surface Structures: Geometric Investigation and Design Algorithms
Katherine Liapi, Andreana Papantoniou
110 Prototyping adaptive architecture: Balancing flexibility of folding patterns and adaptability of micro-kinetic movements
Binh Vinh Duc Nguyen, Thanonchai Watlom, Chengzhi Peng, Tsung-Hsien Wang
325 Parametric models and algorithmic thinking in architectural education
Alexandros Peteinarelis, Socrates Yiannoudes
270 Multiverse of a Form: Snowflake to Shelder
Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, Müge Kruşa Yemişcoğlu, Çağlar Fırat Özgenel
380 Furniture Design with Digital Media: A participative educational experiment of digital craftsmanship
Ioanna Symeonidou


124 Digital Architectural Composition in virtual space
Aleksander Asanowicz
188 Parametric Modelling Within Immersive Environments: Building a Bridge Between Existing Tools and Virtual Reality Headsets
Adrien Coppens, Tom Mens, Mohamed-Anis Gallas
133 How present am I: Three virtual reality facilities testing the fear of falling
Sara Eloy, Lázaro Ourique, Uwe Woessner, Joachim Kieferle, Wolfgang Schotte
145 Point Cloud Stream on Spatial Mixed Reality: Toward Telepresence in Architectural Field
Tomohiro Fukuda, Yuehan Zhu, Nobuyoshi Yabuki
141 The Perception of Architectural Space in Reality, in Virtual Reality, and through Plan and Section drawings: A case study of the perception of architectural atmosphere
Anders Hermund, Lars Simon Klint, Ture Slot Bundgaard, Rune Noël Meedom Meldgaard Bjørnson-Langen
230 Visualising Architectural Lighting Concept with 360° Panoramas
Anette Kreutzberg
220 Spatial User Interfaces in Mixed Reality: Online Shopping Experience Design
Begum Moralioglu
114 Augmented Reality in the Design Process: Using visual effects (VFX) motion tracking techniques to conduct quantification research on the performance of augmented reality
Harris Paneras, Michael Yip, Tiara Dobbs, Ben Doherty, Alessandra Fabbri, Nicole Gardner, M. Hank Haeusler


353 Sketch - Computer - Imagination: Reflections on Architecture Education Methodology
Nina Juzwa, Tomasz Krotowski
373 Theatrical Performance as Experimental Architecture
Sang Lee, Stefanie Holzheu
363 Diagrammatic Approaches in Architectural Design: Addressing architectural and urban design through the use of diagrams
Carlos L. Marcos, Pedro Pignatelli Fernández de Arévalo
201 Kinetic Architecture: Reinterpreting Persian Mathematics and Astronomy
Parinaz Mansourimajoumerd, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad 
331 Contextual Capabilities Meet Human Behaviour: Round the Peg and Square the Hole
Armando Trento, Antonio Fioravanti
279 Surveying Fitness Landscapes with Performance Explorer: Supporting the Design of a Better Tomorrow with Interactive Visualizations
Thomas Wortmann, Zuardin Akbar, Thomas Schroepfer
262 Strategies for the Integration of Smart Technologies into Buildings and Construction Assemblies
Andrzej Zarzycki
155 A Research Framework of Digital Leadership
Tadeja Zupancic, Aulikki Herneoja, Yves Schoonjans, Henri Achten


386 Towards a Digitally Fabricated Disassemble-able Building System: A CNC fabricated T-Slot Joint
Filipe Brandao, Alexandra Paio, Nuno Antunes
104 From Control to Uncertainty in 3D Printing with Clay
Benay Gürsoy
439 Designing shelters for 3D-printing: A studio experiment
Duarte Jose, Shadi Nazarian, Negar Ashrafi
233 Spatial Graded Patterns: A case study for large-scale differentiated space frame structures utilising high-speed 3D-printed joints
Iacovina Kontiza, Theodora Spathi, Patrick Bedarf
422 Prototyping Method for Complex-Shaped Textile Composite Panels: Developing a digitally controlled reconfigurable mold
Kihong Ku, Satpal Gurjar
196 PET(s)culpt: crowd-printing recycled polyethylene tereftalate
Kateřina Nováková, Šimon Prokop, Jiří Vele, Henri Achten
427 Printing a Coffee Bar: An investigation into mid-scale 3D printing
Heike Matcha, Ante Ljubas, Harun Gueldemet


296 High precision visibility and dominance analysis of tall building in cityscape – on a basis of Digital Surface Model
Klara Czyńska
178 GIS technologies implementation based on the EU directive INSPIRE: A case study of the Pabianice city
Tomasz Kroc, Bartosz Walczak
385 Data Flow: a GIS based interactive planning tool for educational facilities
Daniel Schulz, Felix Reiter, Alexander Metche
274 City Information Modelling (CIM) and Urban Design: Morphological Structure, Design Elements and Programming Classes in CIM
Todor Stojanovski
265 An IFC-to-CityGML triple graph grammar
Helga Tauscher, Rudi Stouffs
158 The Dynamic Geometric Network Model for Representing Verticalized Urban Environment and its Generation
Jing Zhou, Hubert Klumpner, Afredo Brillembourg
360 Area and Volume Quantification of Open Spaces in Urban Structures Using 3d-Negative (N3D)
Adam Zwoliński


172 The Employment of Digital Simulation in the Planning Departments in US Cities: How does it affect design and decision-making processes?
Firas Al-Douri
405 From Design to Optimized Design: An algorithmic-based approach
Catarina Belém and António Leitão
187 The Effect of Reducing Geometry Complexity on Energy Simulation Results
Aikaterini Chatzivasileiadi, Anas M. Hosney Lila, Simon Lannon, Wassim Jabi
165 Considering variant movement velocities on the 3D Dynamic visibility Analysis (DVA): Simulating the perception of urban users: pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman, Elad Bruchim
257 Spatial Redesign Method based on Behavior Data Visualization System: UWB interior positioning technology based office space redesign method research
Zhe Guo, Hao Yin, Philip F. Yuan
329 Facade-Floor-Cluster: Methodology for Determining Optimal Building Clusters for Solar Access and Floor Plan Layout in Urban Environments
Francesco De Luca, Andrei Nejur, Timur Dogan
394 Application of Available Digital Resources for City Visualisation and Urban Analysis
Paweł Rubinowicz


231 A critical evaluation of two contextualized digital heritage workshops: Descriptions, reflections and future directions
Danilo Di Mascio, Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak, Nicholas Webb, Marc Aurel Schnabel
121 Museum and Cultural Heritage in the World of Digital Technology
Georgios Dimopoulos
392 Cultural Heritage Knowledge Context
Silvia Gargaro, Michela Cigola, Arturo Gallozzi, Antonio Fioravanti
151 Mapping Urban Information as an Interdisciplinary Method for Geography, Art and Architecture Representations
Ursula Kirschner, David Sperling 
248 Tangible and Intangible Digital Heritage: Creating Virtual Environments to Engage Public Interpretation
David Silcock, Hannah Rushton, Jessie Rogers, Marc Aurel Schnabel
382 Using Big Data to Design User-Centric Museums: From visitors loyal to museums to museums loyal to users
Vasiliki Tsitsipa, George Achillias, Panagiotis Parthenios
122 Virtual Reality for a Better Past
Guzden Varinlioglu, Altug Kasali


399 UCHRON: An Event-Based Generative Design Software Implementing Fast Discriminative Cognitive Responses from Visual ERP BCI 
Pierre Cutellic
243 Architecture-human-machine (re)configurations: Examining computational design in practice
Nicole Gardner
258 Metaphor: A tool for designing the next generation of human-building interaction 
Jingoog Kim, Mary Lou Maher, John Gero, Eric Sauda
180 HOPLA: Interfacing Automation for Mass-customization
Krystian Kwieciński, Jacek Markusiewicz
213 Multi-Dimensional Interface Based Spatial Adaption: A Prototype For A Multi-Sensory User Interface Employing Elastic Materials
Theresa Lohse, Ryuta Fujii, Liss C. Werner
388 Funken: Serial Protocol Toolkit for Interactive PrototypinG
Alexander Stefas, Andrea Rossi, Oliver Tessmann


301 Adaptive & Morphogenetic City Research Laboratory
Ana Cocho-Bermejo, Zeynep Birgonul, Diego Navarro-Mateu
164 Big-Data Informed Citizen Participatory Urban Identity Design
Mei-Chih Chang, Peter Buš, Ayça Tartar, Artem Chirkin, Gerhard Schmitt
375 The city as playground: Game tools for interactive planning
Meram-Irina Pienaru
246 CityAR: Wellington: Exploring Cities through Mixed Realities
Cyrus Qureshi, Marc Aurel Schnabel, Tane Moleta
198 Envisioning future urban scenarios: The outcomes of the international Mobiance 3 workshop on Sharing Cities, Ambient Commons and Urban Futures
Myriam Servières, Barbara Piga, Eugenio Morello, Ignacio Requena, Gwendoline L'Her, Steven Saulnier-Sinan, Daniel Siret


403 ORe – A simulation model for Organising Refurbishments
Ugo Maria Coraglia, Gabriel Wurzer, Antonio Fioravanti 
280 A Weighted Graph Model to Estimate People's Presence in Public Space: The Visit Potential Model
Pieter Herthogs, Bige Tunçer, Markus Schläpfer, Peijun He
354 SafePath: An Agent-Based Framework to Simulate Crowd Behaviors
António Leitão, Sofia Sousa, Francisco Loio
166 The Game of Urban Attractiveness: Shape Grammars and Cellular Automata Based Tool for Prediction of Human's Behaviour in Cities
Paweł Unger, Luís Romão
134 Options for obtaining a 'Gründerzeit' flat: A wet dream explored by means of a Cellular Automata model 
Gabriel Wurzer, Wolfgang E. Lorenz
112 Data Influenced Infrastructure Generation: Combining holistic urban datasets through a digital Slime Mold algorithm for cycle path generation
K. Daniel Yu, M. Hank Haeusler, Katrina Simon, Alessandra Fabbri


370 A Computational Method for Tracking the Hygroscopic Motion of Wood to develop Adaptive Architectural Skins 
Sherif Abdelmohsen, Passaint Massoud, Rana El-Dabaa, Aly Ibrahim, Tasbeh Mokbel
162 Toward an environmental database: Exploring the material properties from the point cloud data of the existing environment 
Miktha Alkadri, Michela Turrin, Sevil Sariyildiz
344 Programming Material Intelligence Using Food Waste Deposition to Trigger Automatic Three-Dimensional Formation Response in Bioplastics
Noor El-Gewely, Christopher Wong, Lili Tayefi, Areti Markopoulou, Angelos ChroniS, Alexandre Dubor
260 Design by Computation: A material driven study
Alexandros Kallegias
125 Designing with biomaterials for responsive architecture: A soft responsive "bio-structural" hydrogel skin
Chin Koi Khoo, Jae-Won Shin
215 Material agency in CAM of undesignable textural effects: The study of correlation between material properties and textural formation engendered by experimentation with G-code of 3D printer
Ashish Mohite, Mariia Kochneva, Toni Kotnik
437 Robotic Materialization of Architectural Hybridity: Modelling, Computation and Robotic Production of Multi-materiality 
Sina Mostafavi, Henriette Bier, Benjamin N. Kemper, Daniel L. Fischer
285 Programmable bending: grain-informed simulation and design
Shota Tsikoliya, Imrich Vasko, Veronika Miškovičová, Ivan Olontsev, David Kovařík


132 Topology Optimisation Influence on Architectural Design Process: Enhancing Form Finding Routine by tOpos Toolset utilisation
Sebastian Białkowski
130 ´Solar Spline´: Expanding on traditional sun-sail typologies and Frei Otto´s lightweight approach with the help of computational design procedures
Timo Carl, Frank Stepper, Markus Schein
268 FOAM: Custom Single Task Construction Robot
Jeremy Jenn Ren Cheang, Paul Loh
314 Architecture Challenge 16 - Robotic Contouring: Researching Robotic Bending of Straight Profile Plastic Beams for Full Scale Production
Andrei Gheorghe, Philipp Hornung, Sigurd Reiss, Robert Vierlinger
434 3D Printing of High Strength and Multi-Scaled Fragmented Structures
Ertunç Hünkar, Bruno Acácio Ferreira Figueiredo
247 Derivative-free Methods for Structural Optimization
Guilherme Ilunga, António Leitão
323 Multi-Objective Qualitative Optimization (MOQO) in Architectural Design
David Newton
409 Mass-customization of joints for Non-Standard Structures through Additive Manufacturing. The Trefoil and the TriArch projects
Jose Pedro Sousa, Pedro de Azambuja Varela, João Carvalho, Rafael Santos, Manuel Oliveira


232 VR-visualization of High-dimensional Urban Data
Louna Al Bondakji, Anna-Maria Chatzi, Minoo Heidari Tabar, Lisa-Marie Wesseler, Liss C. Werner
424 From Body Movement to Sculpture to Space: Employing Immersive Technologies to Design with the whole Body
Günter Barczik
347 Do Training Bikes Dream of Electric Cities?
Wolfgang Dokonal
377 Influence of immersive contextual environments on collaborative ideation cognition: through design conversations, gestures and sketches
Emmanuel Beaudry Marchand, Tomás Dorta and Davide Pierini
366 Virtual reality, videogames, architecture and education: From utopian drawings to inconstructible navigable environments
Constantinos Miltiadis
238 The Virtual Mirror: Cognitive Loads in VR and VR Visualisations
Tane Moleta, Brandon Wang, Marc Aurel Schnabel
251 BIM-based Virtual Reality and Human Behavior Simulation For Safety Design
Hyejin Park, David Stephen Panya, Hyungmo Goo, Teahoon Kim, Jihyo Seo
361 VREVAL: A BIM-based Framework for User-centered Evaluation of Complex Buildings in Virtual Environments
Sven Schneider, Saskia Kuliga, René Weiser, Olaf Kammler, Ekaterina Fuchkina


219 Customized Collaborative Urban Design: A Collective User-based Urban Information System through Gaming
Nan Bai, Wenqia Ye, Jianan Li, Huichao Ding, Meram-Irina Pienaru, Raoul Bunschoten
433 Participation-based parametric design in early stages: A participative design process for spatial planning in office building
Elie Daher, Sylvain Kubicki, Burak Pak
176 Integrating Crowdsourcing & Gamification in an Automatic Architectural Synthesis Process
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman, Nir Polak
190 Need of a BIM-agile coach to oversee architectural design: From one pedagogical experiment to another
Henri-Jean Gless, Gilles Halin, Damien Hanser
264 Virtual Place-making - The re-discovery of architectural places through augmented play: A playful emergence between the real and unreal
Mohammad Qabshoqa
229 Digital Design Ecology: An Analysis for an Intricate Framework of Architectural Design
Jessie Rogers, Marc Aurel Schnabel
397 Improving the Online Design Education Experience
Martijn Stellingwerff, Johannetta Gordijn, Udo Ouwerkerk, Peter Kiela
189 The role of digital technologies in promoting contemporary and collaborative design processes
Paola Zardo, Andréa Quadrado Mussi, Juliano Lima da Silva