The slum population at state capital, Jaipur more than doubled during the past eight years. A recent household survey performed by government appointed agency estimates the slum population to be around 6.88 lakh consisting 22.5 per cent of the total population of city. The last census held in 2011 reported the slums to be 10.24 per cent of the total population of Jaipur with around 3.2 lakh residents.

This slums have continued to swell despite the urban welfare initiatives of center and state governments. Those expected to rehabilitate the slums, however, claim to have prevented development of new slums.

“The number of slum areas at the city has remain constant, its only that the family members have increased,” Santra Verma, chairman of JMC slum development committee. She though is not in agreement with the steep rise projected in population study.

The study conducted for drafting comprehensive mobility plan for the city though hold ‘in-migration’ as the major cause for the rise. The mobility plan is being prepared by Jaipur metro rail corporation for assessment of transportation needs of the city.