BENGALURU: Hampi with its temple complexes has received global recognition with a Unesco world heritage tag, but it’s left out of the list of 98 must-see sites by the Archaeological Survey of India

According to ASI, the culture ministry prepared the list to feature monuments and sites which are exceptional in terms of art and architecture, planning and design, engineering skills and are a testimony to the civilisational past

A ministry spokesperson said the monuments on ASI’s list “don’t have any recognition but are only handpicked” to promote tourism. Pointing out the list was prepared in 2015, the spokesperson said Hampi might have been “overlooked”. Culture minister Mahesh Sharma had, in his reply to a question in the Lok Sabha on Monday, released the list. 

ASI, on its website, says the list of monuments was prepared hoping a large number of domestic and international tourists visit them. In 1986, Unesco described the Hampi monuments as “austere and grandiose”, and recognised temple ruins as a world heritage site. Hampi comprises mainly the remnants of the capital city of Vijayanagara Empire.