... names of lakes in Tamil Nadu were mentioned in the EIA report for Nauroji Nagar, amicus curiae Bhan said it showed “non-application of mind”

The Delhi High Court Thursday said it cannot allow the redevelopment of Central government housing projects in south Delhi, unless authorities show the basis on which permission was given for construction. A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao said the amicus curiae, who are experts in urban planning, have expressed concerns over the projects, and pointed that “there was no application of mind” by the government while granting approval for them.Amicus curiae Gautam Bhan, an urban planning expert, told the bench that the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report for Nauroji Nagar contained several portions that were “copy-pasted” from the EIA report seeking clearance for a mine in Tamil Nadu. Based on it, he said, environment clearance (EC) was granted to fell trees and for the work.

A demolished quarter of Netaji Nagar.
A demolished quarter of Netaji Nagar. © Express photo by Abhinav Saha


“Till date you (government and authorities) might have spent Rs 100 crore for the project. So it is better to stop at this stage only, otherwise when you put in Rs 500 crore for the same, there will be a big loss in comparison to the Rs 100 crore,” the bench remarked.