Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area is located in Nanhu Street District, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, south of Luohu Commercial Center, and separated from Hong Kong New Territories by a river. The area, which brings together diverse people and multiple means of transportation, is the largest pedestrian distribution center and an important regional transportation hub in Shenzhen as well as an important gateway for the urban image of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Railway Station is the railway passenger transportation center of Shenzhen. Through Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, it is connected with Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the north, and Kowloon-Guangzhou Railway of Hong Kong in the south. Separated from Hong Kong by only one bridge and closely connected with Shenzhen Luohu Port, it is an important hub to connect the Mainland with Hong Kong and China with the world. 

Luohu Port is the oldest and most important one among the six land ports (Luohu, Futian, Huanggang, Shenzhen Bay, Wenjindu and Shatoujiao) in Shenzhen. At the same time, it is also an important land port with the second largest passenger flow in China, the "first port" connecting Hong Kong and the Mainland, and a window of Shenzhen's foreign exchanges.

Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area is one of the "nine standard areas” for the urban design work of Shenzhen City. It's hoped to fully grasp the value of the Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area in the new era, promote high-quality urban construction, excavate and refine the characteristics of Luohu, awake regional vitality and build a humanized urban pioneering area with high-density development by means of urban design with global vision and international standards. Therefore, the People's Government of Luohu District, Shenzhen and the Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality are co-organizing the International Consultation on the Urban Design of Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area, with an aim to collect urban design schemes with international vision and advanced concepts, which are also spatially innovative and implementation-oriented, so as to promote high-starting-point planning, high-level construction and high-quality development of the area and Luohu District and make contributions to taking the lead in building the pioneering area of socialist modernization and the international innovation city for Shenzhen.

In order to highlight the openness, scientific and practical natures of urban planning and design, international consultation will be applied for its organization and will focus on the overall and key urban design of the hub area. It will be divided into two stages, namely, "the Stage of Pre-qualification" and "the Stage of Official Design". A jury panel consisting of invited experts will carry out review at each stage. At the stage of pre-qualification, six (6) design firms (and two[2] alternatives) will be selected and issued the Invitation to Formulate the Design Scheme. At the stage of official design, the rankings will be decided through the experts' review. 

The design fees of this International Consultation are RMB Twelve Million Yuan (¥12,000,000.00 Yuan) in total, including the design compensation and bonus as follows: 

Design Compensation: For the design firms received the Invitation to Formulate the Design Scheme, each can receive the design compensation with RMB One Million Yuan (¥1,000,000.00 Yuan) provided the submitted scheme meets requirements of the Design Brief and is evaluated by the jury panel of experts as qualified.

Bonus: Through the experts' review on the submitted schemes, the design firms can win corresponding bonus by their rankings:

1st Prize: RMB Three Million Yuan (¥3,000,000.00 Yuan);

2nd Prize: RMB Two Million Yuan (¥2,000,000.00 Yuan);

3rd Prize: RMB One Million Yuan (¥1,000,000.00 Yuan).

The top three places of this International Consultation will have an opportunity to win the follow-up comprehensive planning task, which will be authorized by the Organizer according to the government procurement procedures; its work content will include integration and deepening of deliverables of this International Consultation as well as specialized studies to form the comprehensive planning scheme while organizing at least two (2) workshops for integration and deepening of deliverables at the same time; and its budget will approximately be RMB Seventeen Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Yuan (¥17,550,000.00 Yuan). 

For this International Consultation, domestic design firms of China that have the Grade-A Urban & Rural Planning Qualification of PRC can apply for this International Consultation independently; those that apply as a consortium shall have at least one consortium member that has the Grade-A Urban & Rural Planning Qualification of PRC and their foreign members shall have a branch office legally registered in the Administration for Industry and Commerce of PRC, who shall provide the business licenses of both the headquarter and branch office. Design firms with experience in transformation and regeneration of hub areas or comprehensive transportation planning and design are welcome to take part in the International Consultation and provide advanced thinking for the planning and design of Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area.