One Hundred Years is a series of panel discussions that will address the immediate concerns of the citizens for their inherited city, by engaging with those who are building for the next hundred years.

One Hundred Years Of Re - Imagining Delhi

Over a millennium in the making, the urban spatiality of Delhi was last addressed a little over a century ago. As it continues to attract people in one of the largest sustained urban migrations in recent times, Delhi’s urban environment needs urgent revaluation and action to remain both habitable and equitable.

Unpacking the notion that large-scale estate regeneration is the answer to planned densification of Delhi, a panel of experts - including Scientist and Environmentalist, Vikram Soni; Economist and Chairperson of ICRIER, Isher Judge Ahluwalia; Urbanist and Director of G.P.M. Architects & Planners, Ar. Mitu Mathur and President of GREHA, Ar. M N Ashish Ganju - will discuss the contemporary issues of redevelopment and ecological conservation plaguing the city.

Moderator: Amit Khanna | Architect and Urbanist