A characteristic, derelict site in Sittard was redeveloped after many eventful years. Whereas the estate had previously been developed with a focus on religion and health care, it now profiles itself as a ‘Sports & Talent Park’ where talented young athletes can stay, grow, and play. Given the velocity of developments over recent years, the predictions of consumer demand were quick and efficient but lacked a clear vision for spatial planning. You have now the ability to change this. Despite its rapid development there are still many choices to be made in terms of spatial design. We would therefore like to ask you to create a vision for the entire site. How can you transform a terrain of 30 hectares wide into a breeding place for young talent?

In addition to this vision, we would like to see a partial elaboration of a location (in the form of a design) that shows how your vision would be successful. This special project offers the opportunity to bring together top talents from various parts of the world and showcase their talent with some magnificent results. The main principles of the design must be in line with the wishes of the users, athletes, and owner: ‘Stay-Grow-Play’.

A word by Watersley Sports & Talentpark

Watersley Sports & Talentpark is looking for a vision with an additional elaboration of one location. The vision and location should focus on several requierments in relation to the design. For the “vision” we are looking for an overall plan that focusses on the unity of the terrain, the public space and the branding by architecture. For the elaboration we want to see how the vision is implemented and how spatial qualities can play a role for the developments of our Talents.