Delhi Council on Historical Research (DCHR) (New Delhi) is delighted to announce the occasion of a one day National seminar on Indian History, dated on 27th October, 2018. DCHR is a body under Centre for Study and Research (CSR), and the latter is operated by a trust based in Hyderabad.

The Centre seeks to create a network among the scholars and academics, one that is promotive of and helps with fostering unity and integrity of the Nation as well as socio-cultural harmony, by providing a platform for young scholars and researchers to interact with and present their ideas to experienced researchers and publish their works. The objective of this conference is to encourage new ideas in the fields of social science and humanities, apart from providing a new platform to young scholars and researchers for presenting their original piece of work alongwith facilitating the exchange of new ideas. The conference will focus on studies based on cultural and economic history. The Centre would prioritize those works which have utilized unconventional methodology in their studies and have attempted to broaden the domain of historiography. The Centre is keen on holding debates and discussions perusing the changing nature of socio-cultural fabric of India in lieu of the past, and for locating the various causalities and analysing these changes in terms of their economic relations. However, we would duly appreciate receiving proposals on all topics on Indian History and warmly welcome scholars from other fields of social sciences with encouragements for sending their proposal.

Sub themes for the conference:

  • Cultural history.
  • Economic history.
  • Historiography and Methodology.
  • Social History.

Please submit your paper proposals to the conference organisers at [email protected] by 5th October 2018.

The abstract should not be more than 300 words. Selected papers will be notified and the deadline for the final submission of the paper is 15th October 2018.

Venue: India International Centre.

  • Convenor: Samapan Saha.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Javed Zafar.