We offer a fulltime (100%) PhD scholarship for 1 year (extendable up to 4 years in total after a positive evaluation). As a doctoral fellow, you will follow the doctoral programme in Architecture, at the Faculty of Architecture of the KU Leuven (Belgium) and you will be based at the Brussels University campus. The diploma ‘Doctor of Architecture’ will be offered when the PhD requirements are successfully fulfilled.

The fellowship for which funding is available aims to develop an analysis of how the post-war world engaged with the notion of space. To tackle this question the PhD-fellow will focus on the role of émigré intellectuals and architects importing ideas into the post-war American educational context. The following paths of analysis stand central: (I) the initiation and adaptation of concepts of space in varied didactic contexts (architectural laboratories, classrooms, lectures); (II) the interaction between different artistic media (architecture,cinema, painting, installations).

The fellowship situates itself at the crossroads between intellectual/art history, philosophy and architecture. It has both a historiographical and a conceptual aim. The fellowship is part of the larger project 'Architectural Space Thought and Taught'. 'Trading Zones of the Concept of Space, 1945-1980', funded by the Research Fund KU Leuven (BOF). The successful applicant will write a PhD-dissertation within the overarching theme of the historical development of spatial aesthetics and architectural theory. The project is chaired by Prof. Rajesh Heynickx, Prof. Stéphane Symons and Prof. Filip Mattens.