Urban planners at a seminar on Saturday said that the government should start social housing to solve acute housing crisis in the city and to ensure housing for all as it was declared as one of the basic rights


BIP’s former president Golam Rahman chaired the seminar where three papers were presented by senior planners.

They produced a number of examples on how other countries like Singapore, Ecuador, Chile, Poland, Brazil and United Kingdom had succeeded in serving the poor by resorting to the social housing concept.

Adil said social housing would be successful in Bangladesh if the government could check corruption and ensure better coordination and monitoring.

BUET professor Salma A Shafi, quoting a study, said that population growth was high in the cities of the country and is likely to increase 50 per cent by 2040 and 60 per cent by 2050.

Brac urban development programme specialist Wasim Akter said that due to the population growth housing crisis would deepen by 2021 in the cities.

The planner said there would a need for 85 lakh units of house for six crore people.