Georgia Tech's annual symposium will showcase two days of panels with leading international experts, presentations, and an exhibit of research being conducted across the Georgia Tech community.

This year’s symposium looks beyond the processes of project development to consider technology’s impact on our experience of the environment itself. As digital tools escape the desktop and become part of the environment around us, digital interfaces and media are increasingly integral to architecture and the urban fabric

Event Schedule:

Thursday, October 25 l Building Tech and Entrepreneurship

New opportunities for high tech building professionals and practices

9:00 AM l Opening Remarks

  • 9:30 AM l Expanding Opportunities For Practice: A conversation with industry leaders on technology, practice, and entrepreneurship
  • 11:00 AM l Designer – Entrepreneurs: Investors and funds accelerating innovation in the built environment
  • 2:00 PM l Ventures in the Built Environment: Innovators forming new ventures in design, building, and technology
  • 4:00 PM l Innovation Networks: Startup, incubator and investment resources in Georgia Tech and Atlanta

6:00 PM l Evening Tech Showcase and Mixer

Friday, October 26 l The Intelligent Environment: Design, building and interacting with networked buildings and cities

9:00 AM l Welcome 

  • 9:30 AM l Connected Shop and Job Site: Sensors, robotics and mixed reality in construction
  • 11:00 AM l Environment and Sustainability: Control and interaction in sustainable buildings
  • 2:00 PM l Interactive Organizations: Businesses building and using intelligent space
  • 4:00 PM l Cyber-Physical Experience: Designers creating digital/physical environments