ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Chowk, a documentary film by Mahera Omar, had its world premiere at the 12th Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, says a press release received here today from Ankara, Turkey. 

Situated in the heart of the historic Arambagh neighbourhood, the once vibrant community space in Karachi had in recent years become a favourite jaunt of drug addicts and a dumping ground for trash. 

The documentary is about an urban intervention by architect and heritage consultant Marvi Mazhar to bring the pre-partition era chowk back to its former charm. “Homes were small back then. Women would bring home cooked meals in the evenings and have dinner with their husbands when they came back from work.

Girls played on the roundabout, their scarves tied around their necks, playing childhood games. It was a lively place before the authorities made a mess of it” says Masood ul Hasan, tailor and owner at Tailor de Pak to Marvi in the film. 

“Do what you will, the chowk will stay as it is”, he adds as she tells him about her plan to rehabilitate the neglected space.