Insulated Concrete Form Market is witness to high performance structures deployed by using robotic manufacturing methods. This method leads to production of competent products and help in cutting costs of concrete formwork by 60%.

Aarhus School of Architecture working with Odico Formwork Robotics has disclosed a high-performance structure that is made using robotic manufacturing methods. The method is highly innovative and seeks to refurbish concrete manufacturing by lowering the costs of concrete formwork production by more than 60%.

Known as abrasive-wire cutting method, it can significantly catalyse the production time and lower the amount of concrete used. Despite this, the technology is highly used in enhancing the design and form.


Going forward, the design optimization and robotic abrasive wire-cutting methods are now paving the way in insulated concrete form market due to large-scale adoption. The technology is presently in the developmental stages of commercialization. There are plans to wrap the technology within a shipping container to produce a mobile plant named factory on the fly. This would be majorly operational by 2019.