International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) 2019 Conference

The International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) 2019 Conference will be hosted by Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK on 02-05 September 2019. 

For the first time IASDR will be held in the UK and will foster new thinking towards a compelling, meaningful and radical dialogue regarding the role that design plays in addressing societal and organisational issues. The biannual conference enables academics, practitioners and students join together to explore contemporary agendas, emerging directions and future challenges that are at the forefront of design research. IASDR 2019 will provide opportunities for the presentation and publication of a collection of high-quality peer reviewed research papers alongside the space to discuss and debate the evolution and revolution of design.

IASDR 2019 is organised under 10 parallel tracks that reflect the breadth and opportunities of the norm, the now and the new of design research:

  • Change – revolution and evolution of design as it responds to the context in which it operates
  • Learning – design as a part of the learning process that supports creativity within the current education system
  • Living – design shaping the way we live through our consumption of products, the services we use and the cities we inhabit impacting the environment, health and wellbeing of all
  • Making – harnessing of the creative possibilities of materials and processes by design and making,
  • People – social and cultural connection with design for, and with, people to meet the needs of citizens today and in the future
  • Technology – from digital automation to machine learning and artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, the engagement of design in an increasingly complex technology landscape
  • Value – management of design to maximise the economic value and communicate the relationship between design and business effectively
  • Voices – diversity in design voices to break the boundary of power and hierarchal socio-political systems
  • Open – other critical debate in design research with out of the box thinking, challenging conventions and probe the norm