Special Session Panel at South-Central Renaissance Conference/SCRC

Many medieval and early modern images and objects indicate an interest in and demonstrate specific understandings of divine mediation. Rendered as visual and material witnesses, technologically complex works and those in scientific treatises feature prominently in histories of transmission and translation, not only across cultures, but also from text into image/object. In recent years, art historians have begun to question the implications of these transfers by rethinking the modes of such works’ making and reception. Accordingly, the relationship between artistic practice and scientific knowledge, a given work’s media or technological qualities, and the engagement with the divine beyond its mere illustration are coming into sharper focus.

This panel aims to engage with conceptions of and the relation between modes of media, technology, and the divine in late medieval and renaissance art. We seek papers that explore how artworks mediated knowledge and structured experiences of the sacred, and/or that consider the function of artistic practice in the construction of divinity during the 12th-15th centuries. Among others, we encourage submissions that are concerned with issues of technological and material manipulation well as mnemonic devices and perception.

SCRC welcomes 15-to 20-minute papers on all aspects of Renaissance studies(music, art history, history, literature, language, philosophy, science, religion, etc.) Trans-Atlantic, Trans-European, and interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome.

Submissions: To apply, please submit two abstracts : 1 ) 400-500 words; and 2) about 100 words. a short biographical note of no more than 100 words, and your institutional affiliation (if any), to [email protected]